#AzureAD and Hybrid MIM reporting is here

February 26, 2018 Chris Spanougakis No comments exist

You can hear me talk a few times during the Windows Server 2016 Identity course about Microsoft Identity Management. It’s a great tool, giving you the ability to control your on-premises identities effectively.

But we all know that many customers use hybrid environments, on-premises Active Directory and Azure Active Directory. For those customers, user access to resources is done by using security group memberships. Many customers today use MIM, but they would like to have some better reporting.

Now we have the option to monitor user activity related to password resets (self-service) and to groups, without actually caring where it happens: on-premises or in the cloud, it really doesn’t matter.

The reports that we can create now can be found in the Azure portal, or better, you can use Power BI, or even export them to generate custom views.

If you use MIM and you want to enable this feature, please read the documentation here: Hybrid identity management audit reporting.


Thanks for your time!

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