#AzureAD and PingAccess: a new great partnership for secure web app access

September 14, 2016 Chris Spanougakis


Today Microsoft announced the partnership with Ping Identity, in order to give secure access to our on-premises web applications through the Azure AD Application Proxy and PingAccess. In a previous blog post I’ve presented Azure AD Application Proxy (you can see the video of the presentation in Greek here) and you should remember that supports cloud-based SSO and secure remote access to on-premises web applications, using any of the open standards authentication methods, like SAML, OAuth or Kerberos.

There are a lot of customers that would like to use Application Proxy, but even with applications that do not support these standards, and this is how Ping Identity enters the game.

Ping Identity has to offer a product called PingAccess, considered the best solution for customers that would like to control access to legacy applications that do not support the open standards I’ve mentioned before. So practically we can now use SSO and secure remote access with any web application that the customer may use.

PingAccess for Azure AD, which will be the name of the new solution (available in public preview in early 2017), will give the option to Azure AD Premium customers the ability to connect to 20 on-premises applications at no extra cost, while the customers that need to use it for more than 20 applications will be able to get a full license from Ping. The result will be a full protection based on Azure AD identity capabilities every time a user access an application from anywhere.

But wait, there is more: support for PingFederate into Azure AD Connect. This will be a great opportunity for customers that already using PingFederate to start using Azure AD.

We’ll talk again about this when there are more details, for now you can watch a video that presents the benefits of this new partnership. If you find yourself at Microsoft Ignite, just make sure that you check the Azure AD sessions about this new integration.

Thanks for your time!

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