AzureAD Connect Health for Windows Server AD is here!

July 20, 2016 Chris Spanougakis

A few days ago the Microsoft Identity Division announced a new addition to Azure AD Connect Health. As you probably already know, with Azure AD Connect Health it was possible to monitor ADFS and Azure AD Connect (you can read about AADConnect here). The great new addition is that now we can monitor our AD Domain Services just by using the cloud, giving us many new possibilities.

So what we can actually do with this preview release of Azure AD Connect Health for AD DS?

  • Monitoring with alerts about the health of our domain controllers, with the ability to receive e-mail notifications
  • A great quick view about the health and status of our domain controllers using the new dashboard
  • Replication status information and additional information on how to solve replication problems
  • Performance graphs
  • RBAC control

The only think that you need to do is to install the agent on your domain controllers, During the configuration and after the Register-AzureADConnectHealthADDSAgent cmdlet has been ran, you’re good to go!


This is the dashboard, where you can see that domain controller is registered successfully:


It’s really easy to play with RBAC, just click on the Users tile and specify the required roles:


When you click on the main tile, you get a lot of additional information, like in the next screenshot:


If you want to see additional details about this great addition to Azure AD Connect Health, do not forget to check this article:

and this video:

Thanks for your time!

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