#AzureAD Privileged Identity Management Approval Workflows are now in Public Preview

May 24, 2017 Chris Spanougakis No comments exist


Some more great news today from the Azure AD Team! The public preview of some major updates to the Azure AD Privileged Identity Management service is now on. If you want to know more about Azure AD PIM, you can taka a look at this article: https://spanougakis.wordpress.com/2016/09/13/azuread-identity-protection-azure-ad-privileged-identity-management-and-azure-ad-premium-p2-available-sept-15th-2016/

But let’s see what’s new:

  • A new, improved user experience
  • New approval workflow for improved role security
  • Audit History for everyone in temporary role assignments

You should have all these new features available today, assuming that you have a paid Azure AD P2 subscription.

The new Approval Workflow 
Let’s try to logon to the Azure AD portal as a user that will request access to be a Global Administrator. So this is how it works: the user will request a Global Administrator role, but he will be notified that the approval is pending, as you can see below:




Now, the Global Administrator has to use the Azure AD Portal to approve the request:



As soon as the request is approved, you can ….

View all temporary role assignments with the new “My Audit History
Just navigate to the My Audit History, a new view in the updated user interface that lets you see status and activation history for all your temporary role assignments:


Don’t forget to check Audit History, which gives you a full log of all previous role approvals:


Thanks for your time!

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