Do you really want Flash cookies?

August 25, 2011 Chris Spanougakis No comments exist

It seems that there is a new flavor of cookies around. We already know that internet browsers store our “personal preferences” when we visit web pages. Every time that you go back to a web page and you’ve already told to that page to remember you, there is no need to type again your username.

We also know that we can control or even we can delete cookies every now and then. But according to Wall Street Journal, there is a new form of cookies, called “Supercookies” and they’re already present to every computer.

The problem is that these cookies could be used to create a profile about you and store it in a location that is not easy to find it and clear it out. Flash Player is a good example, which stores its cookies in a secret area.

So how we prevent these Supercookies from being stored? Read the article on Jeremy Moskowitz, Group Policy MVP blog and follow the instructions.

You will be surprised to see that even Flash Player cares about your personal data and preferences.

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