Have you seen the new #AzureAD Signin Experience? It’s now live!

August 3, 2017 Chris Spanougakis No comments exist



If you tried lately to logon to your Azure or Office 365 portal, you know what I’m talking about. It’s the new way to authenticate, as Microsoft says, the new signin experience.

One of the main reasons behind that change is to unify the signin user interface for Azure AD and Microsoft accounts. But there is something more, called “Pagination”: the new design prompts you to enter your username on the first screen followed by a credential (typically a password) on a second screen. Tests by Microsoft proved that there is a higher success rate for people to sign in.

But now it will be easier to introduce and use more authentication options, like phone signin and certificate-based authentication.

In fact, if you take a look at the screenshot above, you should notice this:


You guessed it: It’s possible to use the Microsoft Authenticator app, the exact same app we use all this time with MFA in Office 365 and Azure!

So if you try to use the Microsoft Authenticator app, you’re asked to use your phone:


Which, on the other end, if you check your phone, you should see this:


Just tap on “Approve” and you’re in.


Microsoft however recommends to check your existing company branding, it should appear as expected using the new layout:


and remember that since sign-in is now done over two screens, any existing automation might break. This is why today the new UI is optional, you can always switch back to the old one. Microsoft plans switch over to the new UI by default during the last week of September.

Thanks for your time!

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