Improvements to #AzureAD Connect Health sync error reporting

September 3, 2017 Chris Spanougakis No comments exist


You should remember some previous blog posts related to the Azure AD Connect Health service, which allows you to monitor and gain insights into your hybrid identity infrastructure. The good thing about this service is that it also provides reports about synchronization errors that might occur while syncing data from on-premises AD to Azure AD using Azure AD Connect. So if you are an Azure AD Connect user, you should definitely check this link first:

You could also do a search in this blog to find older articles about this topic, you can click here.

So let’s talk about the improvements that we’ve got.

1. First of all, accessing the sync error report does NOT require Azure AD Premium (which is good because you don’t need to spend more money…)



2. The sync error report now includes errors due to the Duplicate Attribute Resiliency feature.

Duplicate Attribute Resiliency is a feature in Azure Active Directory that will eliminate friction caused by UserPrincipalName and ProxyAddress conflicts when running one of Microsoft’s synchronization tools.



3. You can see that now there is a dedicated category for the “FederatedDomainChange” errors.



In order to see these new reports, upgrade to the latest version of AAD Connect (also works with version or higher) and then simply navigate to the Azure AD Connect Health Dashboard.


Thanks for your time!

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