Integration of #AzureAD with Workday is now in Public Preview

June 1, 2017 Chris Spanougakis No comments exist

Well, these guys never stop giving us new features and technologies. So today the Azure AD Product Group announced that we have an integration of Azure AD with Workday.

Some of you probably do not know anything about Workday. Well, it’s a great application that can be used by the HR, the Finance and the IT department, and can unify finance and HR, giving you real-time insights, global visibility, and predictive analytics.


And here is the good part: Integration, meaning that when the employee information changes in Workday, like a name change or a title change, this information has to replicate to Azure AD, Windows Server AD on-premises, Office 365 and to third-party apps that use these identities. Additionally, key user attributes like email addresses need to be automatically written back to Workday when mailboxes are provisioned or updated in your organization’s email system.

By using Azure AD Connect and the existing library of SaaS app connectors in conjunction with these new features, we can now achieve end-to-end user provisioning from Workday to our identity systems and SaaS apps.

This feature is available in public preview today for all customers using Azure AD Premium P1. To get started, check out this Tutorial for Configuring Workday for Inbound Synchronization.



You can learn more about Workday here.


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