New feature updates for #AzureAD Application Proxy, WorkFolders supported also

June 2, 2017 Chris Spanougakis No comments exist

I’ve already presented Azure AD Application Proxy many times, it’s a great feature of Azure AD that you can use to publish your web apps to users outside of the company without VPNs. firewalls and the like.

If you don’t know what is Azure AD Application Proxy, please take a look at this recorded presentation that I did a few months ago. You can find the video here.

But today there are some great news: if you use the new connector version of App Proxy you can use it with applications that take up to 180 seconds to respond to a request. Use the new Backend Application Timeout setting in the Azure Portal to publish these applications by changing the value from “Default” (85 seconds) to “Long” (180 seconds. This setting is in the “Application Proxy” menu for your application.

If your application consistently responds in less than 85 seconds, it is recommended to keep the default setting. This ensures the Application Proxy Connector does not consume unnecessary resources. To learn how to manually upgrade your Connector or how the automatic updates will roll out, please see the Connector update documentation. If you already have the newest Connector, you can close all ports other than 443 and 80 and reduce your overhead.

Take also a look at the configuration documentation regarding the ports that you can now use.


But there is also another great feature. It is possible to use Azure AD App Proxy to give access to your users to the WorkFolders that you use internally. This article was somehow hidden in a Microsoft blog, so we’ve discovered it and …


Work Folders updates for Windows 10 version 1703, Android and iOS

In this recent announcement, we can see that is now possible to offer the following functionality:

  • Remote users can securely access their files on the Work Folders server using Azure Active Directory Application Proxy
  • Improved single sign on experience (fewer authentication prompts) when using Azure Active Directory Application Proxy
  • Group policy setting to manage the Work Folders directory location on Windows devices

Don’t waste more time! Click here to read all the documentation about how you can do it.


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