New Windows 10 TP build available for download: 9860

October 22, 2014 Chris Spanougakis


It’s official: you can now download the new build of Windows 10 Technology Preview. So what you have to do is to go to PC Settings –> Update and Recovery –> Preview builds. Check for a new build and let Windows do the upgrade. I;ve noticed that this is an in-place upgrade, meaning that you’ll not loose your current user profile:


As soon as the upgrade starts, you’ll need to restart your computer a few times, having the option to decide when to restart:


After the upgrade, the first thing that you notice is a window animation every time you open an application or when you minimize an open window. There is the option to turn it off however, just from the PC Settings:


There is also a Battery Saver option, just like in Windows Phone:


For those that use a Windows Phone, there is also the Datasense feature, letting you control the amount of data that you consume for network connections:


Notifications appear now as a new icon in the taskbar:


Unfortunately I couldn’t find Cortana anywhere, but I still don’t know if it’s related to the regional settings of the computer, just like in Windows Phone.