Try the new phone sign in for Microsoft accounts!

April 19, 2017 Chris Spanougakis No comments exist

Now that’s really nice. We all hate passwords but we should use them anyway. If you really care about security you should use complex passwords, containing special characters, numbers, symbols, etc.

What if you could use your phone to login, without having to use any complex passwords? Now this is possible using the Microsoft Authenticator app for Android or iOS. Just add your account to the Android or iOS Microsoft Authenticator app, then enter your username as usual when signing in somewhere new. Instead of entering your password, you’ll get a notification on your phone. Unlock your phone, tap “Approve”, and you’re in.

So here it how it works. You should use the Microsoft Authenticator app to add your Microsoft account as usual:



Then, when you try to sign in to your Microsoft Account, you’ll get a notification to your phone, Just approve the sign-in and you’re done:



It’s really great that you can even use your fingerprint to approve the sign-in!!

Try it out and let me know what you think.

Unfortunately this feature is not available for Windows Phone users, because as Microsoft says: “A few people have asked if this works with Windows Phone version Microsoft Authenticator. Windows Phone makes up <5% of the active users of our Authenticator Apps so we have prioritized getting this working with iOS and Android for now. If/When it becomes a big success on those high scale platforms, we will evaluate adding support for Windows Phone.”

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